Pong over the Network


On the lowest floor of building T of Windesheim there are two large screens (with touch support) with built-in computers. Our current project is to build an application (in C#) for on such a screen. Part of the assignment was to come up with ideas for what to put on there. Our ideas basically went in two directions.

  1. A game, possibly split over both of the screens.
  2. An application that presents information in an interesting way.

The product owner decided we’d implement the second idea, mostly because it’s a lot more manageable. Personally, however, I’m more interested in building a game split over two computers, connected over the network. A simple game to play around with that is Pong, so I decided to implement it.

The result of that is here. It’s overly simple, doesn’t keep any sort of score and somehow started running at nearly double speed every once in a while on a friend’s computer, but it mostly works. It’s remarkable how much fun it can be to play.

Originally I also wanted to use this as an excuse to learn a little modern OpenGL, but I ended up going with a bunch of calls to gl:vertex: the old, deprecated way. Modern OpenGL is a lot more complicated, so it will have to wait until another day, when I actually find a need for it.

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